TAXES really do kill people. Eric Garner is a perfect example. This tragedy happened on Donald Trump’s home turf, if his campaign was on top of their game, they’d be all over this… 

Ahead of the Pennsylvania primary Bernie Sanders was asked about Philadelphia’s proposed soda tax during a recent interview with “Meet The Press”. Hillary Clinton favors the tax but Bernie opposes it because he says it taxes the poor who are already struggling enough. Chuck Todd didn’t buy that answer and pressed Sanders to explain why he opposes the soda tax but favors cigarette taxes (which are much, much higher). Bernie explained that he thinks “cigarettes are different than soda” and that “there’s almost a question as to why [cigarettes]remain a legal product in this country”. Apparently, Bernie Sanders doesn’t realize that the cigarette taxes he favors are what got Eric Garner killed.

Unfortunately, Chuck Todd didn’t catch that statement and moved on to other topics. He should have jumped on it given that it’s quite the hypocritical line coming from someone trying to gain the support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Bernie Sanders even has the support of Eric Garner’s own daughter who starred in a three minute campaign ad just a couple months previous.

One wonders whether or not Erica Garner approves of Bernie Sanders’ support of the cigarette taxes that killed her father.

Recall that Eric Garner was accused of selling un-taxed cigarettes in New York City. The Federal government already imposes a $1.01 tax, which the New York state government adds a $4.35 tax to, and the New York City government tacked another $1.50 onto. That brings the total cigarette tax in New York City to more than $6.85 cents which is more than the cost of the cigarettes themselves. These excessively high taxes that Bernie Sanders supports double the price of pack of cigarettes and creates a black market for un-taxed cigarettes.

It was this black market that Eric Garner was accused of taking part in. Un-taxed cigarettes are a lucrative business in New York City and account for tens of millions of dollars in sales. Many people try to make a living selling these un-taxed cigarettes as Eric Garner was allegedly doing when he was stopped by the police.

Situations like this are the inevitable result of high taxes. If people refuse to pay taxes this is how they will be enforced. People with guns will show up. People will die.

Via: A Libertarian Future


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