Apparently, looting from a shoe store in Rochester, NY is a great way to get justice for the death of 46-year-old George Floyd, a black man who died shortly after a barbaric arrest by Officer Chauvin, a Minneapolis, MN police officer.

An incredible video shared on Twitter shows how brazen the “protesters” have become, as looting has turned into a nationwide phenomenon. The video starts out with a crazy scene, showing looters running out the front door of a shoe store in Rochester, NY with their arms filled with boxes of shoes. “Oh, shit!” the black man holding the camera can be heard saying.

“Sweetheart, is this your car? he asks a young black woman wearing a black t-shirt and black leggings with yellow flowers. “Did you leave your car to go get some sneakers? “At least show me what you got since you left your car.” The woman brazenly shows her face to the camera as she throws her stolen merchandise in the passenger seat next to her, refusing to open the boxes to show the man filming her stolen merchandise.

The next shot is of a pregnant woman and a man running across the street with shoe boxes in their hands. C’mon the crazy pregnant woman

He pans the camera over to a woman who’s running into the store, wheeling a cooler to fill with stolen merchandise. “She came out here with a cooler!” he exclaims.

“N–gers ain’t playin’!” he says, adding, “They got Tims (Timberlands)out here!”

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As the man taking the video shares images of people shamelessly running into and out of a shoe store with stolen merchandise a vehicle pulls up on the curb to make loading their looted shoes into their vehicle easier. “N–gers is on the curb. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Curbside service.”

The camera pans to the woman he confronted earlier, who left her car in the intersection, as she casually makes her way back inside the store to loot more shoes.”She goin’ back. She ain’t’ playin’,” the man with the camera says, as he appears to be mocking her brazenness.

He ends the video by asking someone to get him a Yankees hat, saying, “I’ll pay you!”

Watch the incredible scene unfold here (**language warning**):

Last night, stores were looted all over America. A $67 million College Football Hall of Fame store in Atlanta, GA was looted and destroyed before police could get there to stop them.

ATLANTA: $67 Million College Football Hall Of Fame Looted and Destroyed By “Justice For George” Rioters [VIDEO]

Nordstrom stores in LA and Seattle were also looted. The Nordstrom in Seattle was burned after they looters got what they wanted from inside. Somehow, these criminal acts are supposed to bring justice for George Floyd’s death, and prove that minorities are unfairly targeted by cops.

BREAKING: Violent Thugs Go Big…Light Seattle Nordstrom Store On Fire #Arson4GeorgeFloyd…Mass Looting In Seattle and LA Nordstrom Stores #Looting4GeorgeFloyd

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