Seattle Washington is home to some of the evilest Antifa thugs in America. It should come as no surprise that these mostly white basement dwellers aren’t wasting any time dressing in their all-black costumes, throwing a mask on their cowardly faces, and heading out to take advantage of the chaos spreading across America.

Americans are shocked, as they watch images of cop cars burning across America, in Seattle, WA, a city run by hard-left radicals, violence by Antifa is nothing new.

Tonight, domestic terrorists set cop cars on fire outside of Nordstrom, whose headquarters are in Seattle, and then proceeded to light the department store on fire. All of their activities, of course, are to honor the memory of George Floyd. #Arsons4GeorgeFloyd

Here’s a video showing Seattle’s Nordstrom on fire.

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Before the Nordstrom store in Seattle burned, looters stole their merchandise.  #Looters4GeorgeFloyd

NBC local news reporter Barry McCaffrey reports on the “peaceful protest over racism,” and how the domestic terrorists are looting Nordstrom with no little opposition and then lighting it on fire. According to McCaffrey the only opposition is “Small, unarmed Nat Guard.”

Here’s a video of the Seattle Nordstrom smoldering after it was looted:

FOXLA is reporting that Nordstrom at the Grove is now being looted.

Here’s a shot of the front of Nordstrom in LA after it was broken into:

Here are a few comments from the left about the looting and burning of Nordstrom stores:

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