The videos below are a delight to watch. Two women are excited to talk about why they support President Trump and give great answers that are very different. The Black Voices for Trump is an incredible group working hard to reelect President Trump.

The first woman in the video below is not voting for Joe Biden because of his 1994 Crime Bill and for the disparaging remark he made about “predators”…She’s done her homework. Someone please find out where she got that great hat!

“Joe Biden put a lot of Black people in jail and called us super predators. That’s not good! We’re not for Biden. We wish him well, but President Trump is where it’s at.”

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The second woman for Trump brings up several important topics. She likes President Trump’s stance on abortion, Israel, and school choice.

“I like that President Trump is pro-life. I also like that he supports Israel; that’s one of my biggest reasons for supporting him. I’m also a fan of him for school choice.”


“He’s done a lot for Black America, & I think he’s an incredible president!”

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