Senator Chuck Schumer armed with a megaphone, decided to play politics with the crowd at the West Indian Carnival Labor Day parade in the Brooklyn area. Someone yelled to him about impeaching President Trump and his flippant reply was “the sooner, the better”.

MAN (off camera): “When y’all gonna impeach Trump?”

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER: “Sooner the better.”

MAN: “‘Sooner the better?’ That’s not answering the question.”

SCHUMER: “Gotta get a few Republicans

WOMAN (off camera): “We’re trying. We’re voting”

SCHUMER: “We’re Democrats.

We’re on your side.”

WOMAN: “So am I.”

Impeach on what grounds???

Schumer has been anti-Trump in a seditious manner from the very beginning. The two men know each other well because they are both New Yorkers. In fact, President Trump called out Schumer on his Oscar-worthy crying jag during the extreme vetting of immigrants.

What a putz! Senator Chuck Schumer was out chanting “Dump Trump” with the crowds in NYC.

Schumer is just one of the many lifer politicians that needs to go!

He’s not working to reach across the aisle by any means.


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