Only months before the 2018 election, Mueller plans to wrap up the phony Trump-Russia collusion investigation that was initiated over a phony dossier that was paid for by the DNC and Trump’s Democratic presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton. The investigation was perpetuated by leaks coming from a spy that was placed in the Trump campaign by Democrat President Barack Obama’s DOJ.

You just can’t make this stuff up…

Trump furiously tweeted this morning about the Mueller witch hunt, asking when the $20 million investigation will stop?

….At what point does this soon to be $20,000,000 Witch Hunt, composed of 13 Angry and Heavily Conflicted Democrats and two people who have worked for Obama for 8 years, STOP! They have found no Collusion with Russia, No Obstruction, but they aren’t looking at the corruption…

Is President Trump correct, when he claims Mueller’s planning to take his investigation into the mid-terms as a way to hurt the Republican Party? Should Mueller be putting an end to this outrageous investigation now?

According to Rudy Giuliani, Mueller doesn’t have any plans to end the investigation until two months before the mid-term elections.

CNBC –Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office plans to complete its probe into alleged obstruction of the Russia inquiry by President Donald Trump by September 1st, the president’s personal lawyer told The New York Times in an interview published Sunday.

While Mueller’s ongoing broader probe is expected to continue, it suggests investigators may seek to avoid influencing public opinion ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

Rudolph Giuliani told The Times that the special counsel’s office shared its timeline about two weeks ago, in the middle of discussions about whether Trump would submit to questioning by Mueller.

“You don’t want another repeat of the 2016 election where you get contrary reports at the end and you don’t know how it affected the election,” Giuliani told the publication, who shared similar remarks with NBC News.

Giuliani’s public remarks come as the president has demanded an investigation into whether the FBI placed surveillance on his 2016 campaign — and whether such activity was ordered by members of the Obama administration.

Trump has repeatedly blasted Mueller’s probe as a “witch hunt” and insisted there was no collusion, or attempts to obstruct justice.

Earlier today, President Trump appeared to be furious, and took aim at Mueller and his witch hunt on Twitter, after it was announced that he was expanding his investigation into other countries, now that the Russian collusion theory has been disproven.

Things are really getting ridiculous. The Failing and Crooked (but not as Crooked as Hillary Clinton) has done a long & boring story indicating that the World’s most expensive Witch Hunt has found nothing on Russia & me so now they are looking at the rest of the World!

Earlier today, the Wall Street Journal published an article about the expansion of Mueller’s probe into “Middle Eastern involvement during Trump’s campaign:

“Tracybeanz” had the perfect response: So now that Russa hasn’t worked, they are moving on to every other country on the planet?

Trump had this to say about Mueller’s expanded investigation: Now that the Witch Hunt has given up on Russia and is looking at the rest of the World, they should easily be able to take it into the Mid-Term Elections where they can put some hurt on the Republican Party. Don’t worry about Dems FISA Abuse, missing Emails or Fraudulent Dossier!

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