There is a stark difference between these two veterans. Perry O’Brien, the crybaby veteran who has organized a group against Trump is put in his place more than once during their interview with CNN’s Don Lemon. Former Navy Seal Carl Higbie brilliantly calls out and embarrasses conscientious objector Perry O’Brien  for attempting to label him a “racist” because he doesn’t agree with a particular religious ideology.

We’re not really fans of CNN, but they actually do America a favor when they bring guests like the conscientious objector, Perry O’Brien onto their show to go head to head with a brave and passionate defender of America. This interview provides a pretty good representation of the how the Left has wussified the male vs. the strong conservative male who stands ready to defend his nation. If I were Trump…I’d pick the latter to be on my team. The reality is, when the sh*t hits the fan…99% of Americans are going to want veteran Carl Higbie on their team. We’re not going to give a damn about whether or not he’s passed a sensitivity course…we just want to keep our nation safe from those who would like to take away our freedoms and destroy our way of life…

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