This is what you get with a pro-growth president! Thank goodness for President Trump! He knows what unleashes the economy so it can roar!

The Stock Market reached a new all-time high today! this is the first new high since January signaling 6 to 9 months of a higher stock market according to Art Cashin, UBS director of floor operations at the New York Stock Exchange:

“I think that should be a Dow theory buy signal … it means, according to the theory, the economy is supposed to be improving and therefore you have six to nine months of a higher stock market.”

Cashin believes the jump was started by strong moves by Boeing and Caterpillar.

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According to a technical strategist, “The Dow was waiting for Boeing to start to move. It looks like it’s ready. It’s gone nowhere for eight months. It’s had a really nice week.”

This is an in-your-face success that President Trump needs going into the midterms. It’s something Americans can see and feel in their financial situations…more money in your pocket is a winner!

You just can’t help but think of Obama and the “magic wand”…LOL!

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