The co-director at Boston Children’s Hospital’s Center for Gender Surgery has called for an increase in capacity for medical sex changes, while many states are passing legislation prohibiting transgender surgeries in minors.

Oren Ganor, a pediatric plastic surgeon who specializes in “gender-affirming care” (GAC),  co-authored a recently published medical article that advocates for an increased capacity for teen gender surgeries. He co-wrote this article, which was published in The Journal of the American Medical Association with a medical student named Shawheen J. Rezei.

Oren Ganor

GAC refers to experimental medical procedures such as the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and major surgeries like mastectomies and genital surgeries.

“Physicians who provide GAC will face a greater burden due to constraints in certain states… work to criminalize GAC for adolescents,” the article said. “Especially as certain states work to criminalize GAC for adolescents, there will be an increased flux of patients traveling to seek care in states with more open legislation.”

In the article, Ganor and Rezei laid out steps to “improve capacity for this patient population.”

“[P]plastic surgery residencies do not have a recommended number of gender-affirming surgery cases that plastic surgery trainees see during training,” the authors stated, recommending that medical school residency programs expose more students to GAC by training more future physicians for gender-affirming surgeries.

Boston Children’s Hospital has already been catching heat from conservatives after releasing a series of videos about transgender toddlers and gender-affirming surgeries for minors, including mastectomies which the hospital performs on teenagers as young as 15.

Meanwhile, Republican states like Tennessee, Georgia, and Utah have passed legislation to ban experimental sex change procedures on minors.

The Boston Children’s Hospital, however, stands by its opinion that minors should be granted permanent, sex-changing procedures, calling them “lifesaving” treatments.

“It is important to recognize that for many gender-diverse young people, the decision to engage in gender-affirming care can be lifesaving and life-changing. Without this care, gender-diverse youth can experience severe distress, anxiety, and depression,” the Children’s hospital told Fox News. “[A]ny decisions about gender-affirming care should be made after a rigorous evaluation process that involved a psychologist or social worker, a patient’s doctor, and their parents or guardians.”

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