If it wasn’t enough that Democrats cheated their way through the 2020 elections through mail in ballots and other measures designed to ‘expand ballot access’, they are now telling the Virginia Supreme Court to oppose a redistricting plan that already favors Democrats because it doesn’t help them enough.  The Epoch Times Reports

“Virginia’s two Democratic U.S. senators urged the state’s Supreme Court to reject proposed changes to the state’s congressional map, claiming that the changes would make it more difficult for three incumbent Democratic lawmakers to be reelected.

The Dec. 20 letter from the two male senators emphasizes that all three of their electorally endangered colleagues are female, and it comes after the Virginia Supreme Court appointed two special masters. The court appointed RealClearPolitics senior elections analyst Sean Trende and University of California–Irvine political science professor Bernard Grofman to redraw Virginia’s electoral maps after an independent state commission deadlocked over a redistricting plan,”

Trende was selected to represent Republican lawmakers in the state of Virginia while Grofman was selected to represent Democratic lawmakers.

“These maps reflect a true joint effort on our part,” the two men said in the memo. “We agreed on almost all issues initially, and the few issues on which we initially disagreed were resolved by amicable discussion. When drawing these maps, we have worked diligently to craft maps that comply with the statutory and constitutional provisions enumerated by this Court.”

The  map “still gives Democrats an edge,” according to a Washington Post analysis.

In the November election this year, Republicans took control of the House of Delegates, the Governor’s seat, the Lieutenant Governor, and the Attorney General.


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