The latest news coming out of the Boulder shooting changes the left’s narrative of having background checks to buy a gun. The Boulder shooter passed a background check.

In Arvada, Colorado, Eagles Nest Armory is where the suspect in the Colorado supermarket massacre bought his gun. The owner of the store reportedly said the sale was lawful after he passed a background check.

Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21, bought his AR-15-style Ruger AR-556 at the Eagles Nest Armory in Arvada, 9NEWS reported.

The store’s owner, John Mark Eagleton, said the accused gunman passed a background check before making the purchase:

“We are absolutely shocked by what happened, and our hearts are broken for the victims and families that are left behind. Ensuring every sale that occurs at our shop is lawful has always been and will always remain the highest priority for our business.  Regarding the firearm in question, a background check of the purchaser was conducted as required by Colorado law and approval for the sale was provided by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.  We have and will continue to fully cooperate with law enforcement as their investigation continues.”


This detail shoots down the use of a background check to stop a shooter.

The media quickly moved on from this case because it doesn’t fit the narrative the left is trying to push. Could it be because the shooter wasn’t a white male or because of the use of a background check?


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