Around 10 p.m. yesterday CST Saint Louis Missouri Police Department (SLMPD) reported that two of their officers were shot. Two officers from the SLMPD responded to a call about gunshots, when they arrived on the scene the suspect began firing at officers. He fled the scene and proceeded to barricade himself in a nearby house and engaged in a standoff with the officers for 12 hours.

Police Chief John Haydedn Jr. of the SLMPD called a press conference after the standoff ended. “While they’re on the scene, they hear shots, and our first officer, who is very critically injured, and when I say very critically injured, he’s very critically injured, he was shot. He has a head wound. And that officer is down. As our brave officers were trying to get him secured, other officers responded to the scene, and another one of our officers was shot in the leg. Both are at area hospitals.”

The Chief added that eight St. Louis police officers have now been shot since June 1. Gov. Mike Parson responded to the shooting on Twitter with words of prayer for the law enforcement community.

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