On Tuesday, 100 Percent Fed Up was the first to break the news about the FBI confiscating Mike Lindell’s phone. Mike Lindell was coming home from a duck hunting trip in Iowa and stopped at a Hardee’s restaurant in his hometown of Mankato, MN. While he was at the drive-thru window, his vehicle was surrounded by FBI agents.

As Mike and his friend were sitting in the car, they noticed a vehicle pulled up and parked sideways in front of him. Another vehicle pulled up beside him, and another car parked behind him—trapping his vehicle at the drive-thru window.

The FBI agents informed Mike that they had a warrant to take his cell phone and explained they needed to confiscate it as part of an investigation into “criminal activity” related to former Mesa Count Clerk Tina Peters. Eventually, Mike gave up his phone. Mike explained that the FBI asked him not to share the subpoena with the public, so Mike asked his producer to place a copy of the subpoena on the screen while he explained the details of his confrontation with the FBI.

Mike was not happy that they took his cell phone, which he claims is essential for the My Pillow CEO to conduct his business. As Mike explained the FBI siege of his phone, he reminded his Lindell TV viewers that the FBI had to be “tracking my phone” throughout the day to be able to catch up to him in his hometown of Mankato, MN. at the Hardees drive-thru window.

Mike Lindell, who was “hoping he would be arrested so he could prevent the evince he has on voting machine fraud, is not going to sit back and allow the US government and the FBI to intimidate him. He’s already hired several high-profile lawyers, including Alan Dershowitz, to represent him in a case against the US government and the FBI.


Mike announced his lawsuit while appearing as a guest on Steve Bannon’s WarRoom.

“We are suing the United States government and the FBI—some of the best lawyers in the country—Alan Dershowitz, Andrew Parker, Curt Olson, amongst others,” Lindell told Steve Bannon.


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