We recently reported on the tragic mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado yesterday.

Photo of a man believed to be Ahmad Al Aliwi Al Issa in cuffs with a bloodied leg being walked out in handcuffs by police after a mass shooting in Colorado on March 22nd

Since the shooting, many legacy media outlets quickly concluded, without evidence, that the shooter must be a white male Trump supporter.  Well, as is usually the case when globalist media outlets take a stance on something, nothing could be further from the truth.  Below is an image of the alleged shooter directly from the Boulder Police Department website.

Boulder Colorado Police Department Mugshot of Ahmad Al Aliwi Al Issa

In a series of alleged posts on his Facebook account (which has been unceremoniously and inexplicably deleted), the alleged shooter is shown to have some very anti-Trump feelings as well as vehement disagreements with fundamental Trump policies.

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He also allegedly seemed to be a very devout Muslim who may have believed that Christian archetypes, Mary and Jesus, were Muslims

According to the alleged images from his Facebook account, Al Issa has also been trained to believe that Islamophobia is rampant everywhere in America and that entire schools were hacking his phone because he was Muslim and/or Arabic:

According to Jack Posobiec, White House officials have allegedly suggested that he is an ISIS sympathizer:

And Stoll News alleges that he was born in Syria and moved to the USA in 2002.

Ahmad also allegedly seems to resent people who smile and act happy, calling them ‘f*gs,’ which is a slur against gay people:

Despite deleting moderate conservative and independent voices by the hundreds of thousands, YouTube is allowing a recorded livestream of the mass shooting by an independent videographer to remain on its website.

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