Billionaire leftist mega-donor George Soros has decided to pass the torch to his son Alex. In a recent interview, ninety-two-year-old George said he was handing over control of the Open Society Foundation (OSF) to his thirty-seven-year-old son, who has talked about being even more political than his father.

According to the Epoch Times, Soros spoke with the Wall Street Journal and shared that he was reluctant to let go of control of the foundation to any member of his family.  But has apparently decided to give control to his son saying, he “earned it” and that the two “think alike.”


Alex is concerned that Donald Trump might be re-elected and shared that they will continue to fund the Democrats,

“As much as I would love to get money out of politics, as long as the other side is doing it, we will have to do it, too.”

A spokesperson for the younger Soros also addressed the foundation’s plan to focus on voting, causing concern to many who are already concerned about the ways foundations like Open Society have harmed voting integrity. The Soros spokesperson said,
“We are going to double down on defending voting rights and personal freedom at home and supporting the cause of democracy abroad.”
There is no question that Democrats are tightly connected with Soros funding. GOP posted on Twitter that Alex Soros is a frequent White House visitor who has already visited numerous times.

“George Soros, the liberal dark money mega-donor, just handed the keys to his empire to his son Alex Soros. Alex has already visited the Biden White House 17 times.”


While the Soros Foundation will likely consider funding any political opponents challenging Trump’s nomination, Trump has vowed to fight back.

He, along with other Republicans, has vowed to target Soros-funded District Attorneys like Alvin Bragg. Bragg embraced unprecedented and controversial legal theories in an attempt to upgrade what should have been a misdemeanor charge to a felony for Trump. Bragg devoted significant taxpayer resources and time prosecuting Trump based on questionable pretenses while downgrading charges for a career criminal with almost 90 criminal charges and a criminal record dating back 35 years.

According to Attorney General Andrew Bailey, Missouri does not put up with weak-on-crime Soros-backed DAs. He tweeted the photo below revealing the huge sums of money given to DA candidates who have allowed violence and chaos to ruin their cities.

Soros defended backing leftist District Attorneys saying he has donated to “reform-minded prosecutors” and has “no intention of stopping.” Soros noted,

“The funds I provide enable sensible reform-minded candidates to receive a hearing from the public.”

He continued trying to spin the donations as promoting justice when in many cities where Soros DA’s have taken office, justice has been withheld from victims in favor of criminals. Yet Soros said the reform he promotes is more just,

“In recent years, reform-minded prosecutors and other law-enforcement officials around the country have been coalescing around an agenda that promises to be more effective and just.”B

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