Last night, violence and massive looting broke out all over New York City.

In a video posted by Matt Thomas, a police officer can be seen trying to direct traffic in the Bronx when he is hit by a vehicle and thrown into the air (***Warning***video at link is extremely graphic).

Photo is a screenshot from video (at link above).

President Trump blasted Mayor de Blasio and Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo for their ineffective leadership in preventing or stopping the crimes committed across the city, tweeting: NYC, CALL UP THE NATIONAL GUARD. The lowlifes and losers are ripping you apart. Act fast! Don’t make the same horrible and deadly mistake you made with the Nursing Homes!!!

The “nursing home” comment was in reference to Governor Cuomo’s highly controversial decision to send patients infected with COVID-19 to nursing homes and to allow COVID-19 positive workers to work inside nursing homes. A shocking number of people infected with COVID-19 have died in New York nursing homes as a result of the governor’s reckless decision.

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President Trump tweeted a video clip of Fox News’ Laura Ingraham’s show where they discussed how the protests in New York don’t seem to be about the death of George Floyd.

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NYC’s Macy’s store saw unbelievable looting last night. No efforts were made to stop the criminality.

President Trump tweeted about the looting at Macy’s in NYC  last night, telling Governor Andrew Cuomo again, that he needs to bring in the National Guard:

A defiant NYC Mayor de Blasio tweeted a video message, making it clear that the city of New York doesn’t need the National Guard, saying NYC’s 36K police officers will keep everyone safe.


Mayor DeBlasio also tweeted a reminder that the curfew in NYC is in effect at 8 PM EST.

Apparently, the protesters didn’t get the 8 PM curfew memo, as thousands of protesters are currently marching toward Gracie Mansio,n where the communist mayor of New York City lives with his family.

Here’s a video of the thousands of protesters heading toward the Gracie Mansion.

Here’s another view of the massive crowd heading toward NYC’s communist mayor’s home.

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