Last month, comedian and actor Bob Saget died of a stroke in a hotel room after admitting that he got the Covid-19 booster shot just a month before.  Law enforcement sources have told TMZ they see signs pointing to a sudden medical emergency — specifically a heart attack or stroke. “Authorities involved in the investigation say the position in which Bob’s body was found and a lack of evidence supporting drug use or foul play are the main reasons they suspect a heart attack.”  It normally takes 10-12 weeks to complete a full autopsy to determine the cause of death.  With the autopsy continuing to release details of the famous comedian’s passing, his family is suing to block a further release of records linked to his death.  Yahoo News Reports

“Bob Saget’s family filed a lawsuit against Florida officials Tuesday to block the release of records related to the “Full House” actor’s death investigation, according to court documents obtained by USA TODAY.

Saget’s wife, Kelly Rizzo, and three daughters – Aubrey, Lara and Jennifer Saget – filed the lawsuit Tuesday against Orange County Sheriff John W. Mina and the District Nine Medical Examiner’s Office. Both conducted investigations into Saget’s cause and manner of death.

The lawsuit cites that Rizzo and Saget’s daughters “would suffer irreparable harm in the form of extreme mental pain, anguish, and emotional distress” if further details about the 65-year-old comedian’s death “be released or disseminated to the public.”

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While the court rules on whether to permanently stop the release of information, Saget’s family is seeking a “temporary and permanent injunction” that would prevent the county sheriff and the medical examiner from releasing any further materials to anyone other than them.”

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office responded to the lawsuit, saying that while they respect his family’s right to privacy, the public has a right to know the details surrounding his death.  “While we are sensitive to the family’s concerns about the right to privacy, that must be balanced with our commitment to transparency, compliance with the law, and the public’s right to know.”

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