This all started a few days ago when Ryan Lochte claimed he was robbed and his wallet was taken:

Ryan Lochte was reportedly held up at gunpoint this weekend in Rio … apparently at a party in the city, but an IOC spokesperson says it’s not true.
Lochte’s mom says her son called her right after the stickup and says it was “terrifying” … according to a Fox Sports Australia reporter. The reporter says the thief or thieves made off with Ryan’s wallet.
Ryan was invited to the party by Brazilian swimmer Thiago Pereira, along with 3 of Lochte’s teammates.

It was discovered later that his wallet was spotted on him when he went back through the metal detector at the entrance to the Olympic Village. A Brazilian Judge wanted to detain Lochte but he had already arrived back in the US. Now they have our two swimmers for questioning…LET OUR SWIMMERS GO!

Team USA swimmers Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz — who were with Ryan Lochte during the alleged robbery in Rio — got yanked off an airplane as they were trying to leave Brazil.
Conger and Bentz were detained by authorities, but says it’s still gathering information as to find out exactly why.
Earlier on Tuesday, cops in Rio said they were suspicious of the swimmers’ claim they were robbed at gunpoint early Sunday morning. The USOC says cops went to the Olympic Village to interview Lochte and teammate James Feigen, but discovered they’d already left the country.
Looks like they nabbed Conger and Bentz at the last possible moment.

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