Reminiscent of the Barack Obama era, a massive crowd of anti-law enforcement radicals wearing masks, swarmed Grand Central Station in New York City this afternoon.

Three days ago, Antifa warned they would strike. In a video they used to organize on social media, a group of masked cowards called “Decolonize This Place,” warned, “The streets are ours. The walls are ours. This moment is ours.” The protest is likely in response to the growing anger over police presence in NYC subway stations. Apparently, these entitled brats don’t think anyone should be penalized for jumping turnstiles and riding the subway for free.

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As part of their protests, Antifa goons are sabotaging New York City subway turnstiles and gates.

Earlier this week, Mason Baird, a paid North Carolina field organizer for Bernie Sanders’ campaign bragged about how the campaign is attracting radicals like Antifa. As Bernie’s campaign takes off, should we expect more of this violent (direct action) behavior?

One of the freaks being arrested can be heard warning law enforcement officers, “My dad works for the courts.”

There’s been at least one arrest at Grand Central in Manhattan.

Outside of the subway station, anti-cop protesters can be seen swarming police and NYPD vehicles.

In this video, “F*ck the police,” is being chanted over and over again.

These types of anti-cop protests were becoming common occurrences during Barack Obama’s regime …God help us if Bernie Sanders becomes the Democrat Party’s presidential nominee.

Do you agree that if the anti-American Bernie Sanders becomes the Democrat Party’s presidential candidate, that we’ll see an even greater number of violent, anti-cop protests? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.


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