Chris Cuomo, the younger brother of the former disgraced Democrat NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, was fired yesterday from his job as a top host at CNN. The firing of one of CNN’s top fake news reporters was explained by CNN host Brian Stelter, who has a striking resemblance to the George Costanza character of “Seinfeld.”  Stelter attempted to do damage control for his fellow leftist host, as he explained why CNN went from placing Chris Cuomo on a temporary suspension to firing him.

Stelter told his minuscule audience CNN made the decision to suspend the host after text messages proved Chris Cuomo helped his brother craft statements in response to the multiple sexual assault charges against him. Additionally, the CNN host worked behind the scenes to do opposition research on Andrew Cuomo’s accusers.

The decision to finally cut ties with Chris Cuomo came after CNN was contacted by a lawyer, who notified the fake news network that a staffer who worked previously with Chris Cuomo at ABC has accused him of sexual misconduct. This allegation was just one of several sexual misconduct allegations about Chris Cuomo that the failing cable “news” network has received for their star host. According to Stelter, the “many headaches that continued to pile up” with “Fredo” Cuomo was too much for the network, and they decided to fire him.


While the circumstances surrounding their downfall are disturbing and very sad, there’s something curiously satisfying about watching two top Democrats who’ve been paid to lie to Americans for decades, having to reinvent themselves.

All the best in your new careers, boys.


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