Like they did for Trump’s race in 2016 and again, in 2020, Fox News, the cable news network that’s made a fortune in advertising revenue with loyal conservative viewers, refused to call the race for Republicans.

Glenn Youngin shocked the nation as he took an early lead in Virginia’s governor’s race and maintained his lead throughout the night. When it became clear that Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe had no path to victory, CNN reluctantly called the race for the GOP candidate.

Fox News refused to call the race for Youngkin.

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Moments later, ABC and MSNBC called the race for Glenn Youngkin.

Fox News refused to call the race for the rock star Republican.

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And then finally, around 12:45 AM Fox News called the race for Youngkin.

They were mocked mercilessly on Twitter for once again, being last to call an important race won by a Republican.



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