Professor Daniel Ravicher of the University of Miami Law School says that he may be fired over pro-Trump social media posts that he published in the days following the presidential election.

According to a report by the College Fix, University of Miami Law School Professor Daniel Ravicher may be fired over a series of social media posts that he published after the election.

The dean of the law school reportedly told Ravicher that he must apologize and retract his comments if he wants to return to teach in the spring.

“Heading to Walmart to get what I need to protect my family from ‘peaceful protesters’ who can’t accept the result of an election,” Ravicher wrote in one tweet that angered law school administrators.

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In another tweet, Ravicher questioned the integrity of the presidential election. “The same people who couldn’t distinguish between legal and illegal immigration now can’t distinguish between legal and illegal votes. Not all votes are legal. Deceased votes, double votes, late votes, fraud votes, are all illegal,” Ravicher wrote.

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Ravicher claims now that he might be fired over his tweets. During an email exchange, law school dean Anthony Varona urged Ravicher to apologize for his remarks.

“I do not want you to apologize for being conservative. I don’t want you to apologize for supporting Trump,” Varona allegedly said. “Those were not the mistakes nor misjudgments to which and I and so many others refer. But you do have some serious repair work to do. I want you to do it.  It’s not too late. But the ball is entirely in your court.”

Varona allegedly told Ravicher that he would not be permitted to return to his teaching post in the spring if he does not apologize and delete his tweets. “The dean told me that I have to apologize and retract my statements and if I don’t I won’t have my contract renewed and something more immediate could happen,” Ravicher said.

This is a developing story.

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