Another romantic relationship trips up a guy. This guy leaked intel to his girlfriend so she could write about it.  It’s like Strzok/ Page all over again. The leaker has been arrested but it looks like the NYT reporter won’t be charged…


 A former Senate Intelligence Committee aide was arrested Thursday in an investigation of classified information leaks where prosecutors also secretly seized years’ worth of a New York Times reporter’s phone and email records.

James A. Wolfe, 58, served as the panel’s security director for 29 years, according to the feds.

NYT reports:

The Intelligence Committee is responsible for carrying out oversight of American intelligence agencies, including the F.B.I., the C.I.A. and the National Security Agency, and their secretive operations. It is one of the most tightly secured groups in Congress, with strict rules for lawmakers and the professional staff governing the circulation and release of sensitive, and often classified, information that passes before the committee.

As security director, Mr. Wolfe would have been responsible for ensuring that those rules were upheld. When the committee became a matter of intense interest as it undertook a bipartisan investigation of Russia’s election meddling, Mr. Wolfe played a more visible role ushering witnesses in and out of the committee’s secured office space.

Earlier Thursday, The New York Times revealed federal investigators had seized years’ worth of email and phone records relating to one of its reporters, Ali Watkins. She previously had a three-year romantic relationship with Wolfe, The Times reported, adding that the records covered a period of time before she joined the paper.


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CT reports:

In a just released 11-page federal indictment (full pdf ) a Senior Staff official for the Senate Select Committee Intelligence, James A. Wolfe, has been identified as leaking secret and top-secret classified information to multiple media sources.  Mr. Wolfe was arrested Thursday night by federal marshals.  (direct link to justice pdf)

According to the indictment, Mr. Wolfe, the former director of security, lied to the FBI when he was questioned about his involvement in leaking classified intelligence to the media.  Last night the Senate Intelligence Committee agreed to release documents to the DOJ/FBI investigators.


Earlier today it was revealed a New York Times journalist, and former 3-year girlfriend to Mr. Wolfe, had her phone and email communication seized by investigators.

Watkins rose up the journalist ranks wickedly fast w/ extraordinary sources. Now, the dots are filled in: “Watkins previously had a three-year romantic relationship with James A. Wolfe, the Senate Intelligence Committee’s former director of security”

The relationship with Wolfe was fruitful for Ali Watkins according to Jordan Schachtel:

Worth noting that some of these articles viciously smeared Carter Page and seemed particularly weaponized for the purpose of boosting the “Trump-Russia” conspiracy. Props to the FBI for catching the leaker. This could be a turning point in restoring trust in the FBI.

Schachtel posted several examples of Watkins pushing “Trump-Russia”:


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