Dominion CEO, John Poulos, started his hearing before the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee saying he wouldn’t discuss individual employees or contractors…two hours in, he spoke about company contract employees and state hearing testifiers.

Poulos appeared virtually before the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee on Tuesday afternoon, but dug himself a hole when he struggled to follow through on his promises made in his opening statement.

Poulos told lawmakers that amid what he calls “baseless claims” about his company, his employees and family have faced death threats.

Poulos told the Oversight Committee that he wouldn’t discuss individual employees of contractors of Dominion Voting Systems, but two hours into the hearing…he began speaking about Nick Ikonomakis, Samuel Challandes, and Melissa Carone.

But that’s not it…

In addition to breaking his promise about speaking of Dominion employees or contractors, Poulos LIED saying these individuals “were there to clean the glass on the machines.” Yes, you read that correctly…Dominion CEO John Poulos told the MI Senate Oversight Committee that these individuals were there to clean the glass on the machines.

We know that simply is NOT true. 

The same Nick Ikonomakis that is on many of Dominion Voting Systems patents, specifically the “Electronic Audit Trail” is being claimed to have been cleaning the glass on the machines…

Why would Nick Ikonomakis an inventor of many Dominion patents be heavily involved on election night in Detroit, Michigan?

USAF Veteran Jess Princey tweeted a series of damning evidence and testimonies from Nick Ikonomakis, Samuel Challandes, and Melissa Carone:

Melissa Carone, a MI House Oversight Committee testifier, gave a DAMNING testimony saying she was there for 27 hours and not 1 vote was for President Donald Trump. She also confirmed Nick Ikonomakis presence in Detroit, Michigan on Election Night.


As previously reported by 100% Fed Up:

Michigan resident Kristina Karamo knows a thing or two about voter fraud. Kristina worked as a GOP poll challenger in the city of Detroit at the TCF Center, where she witnessed election officials processing ballots. On Monday, Karamo worked from 10 AM- 6 PM, and on Tuesday, Nov. 3,  she was back at it,  working for almost 48 straight hours, only resting once, when she took a short nap on a couch upstairs outside the room where GOP workers went to get food and water or to sit on a chair.

…Karamo interviewed the Dominion contract worker Melissa Carone who bravely stood up against the corruption she witnessed and blew the whistle on the Wayne County election workers who were putting the ballots through the tabulators (or scanners). Melissa, an IT expert, claims the workers were committing mass voter fraud, and when she tried to report it to her supervisor, she was told she was not hired to monitor voter fraud, but instead, to help keep the tabulators working properly.

Melissa told Kristine that when she woke up the next day after working a 24-hour shift, she realized the seriousness of what she witnessed and decided she had to share the truth with someone. She thought about going to an attorney but decided instead, to tell her story to the FBI. Carone called the FBI and gave her phone number to a “lady” she spoke with for about 40 minutes when suddenly she was disconnected. Melissa waited for a call back from the woman at the FBI but never heard from her. After anxiously awaiting a return call, she became frustrated and decided to call the FBI again. Again, she told her story to another person at the FBI, and when she was finished sharing her incredible account of what she witnessed at the TCF Center, she was told she’d be receiving a call back from someone at the FBI. Carone told Karamo that both phone calls were made on November 6, and she never heard back from anyone at the FBI.

Why would the FBI not care about a credible witness working as a contractor for Dominion Voting Systems, the hardware and software company being paid millions of dollars to tabulate the votes in Michigan?

See Melissa Carone’s affidavit:

Stay tuned to 100% Fed Up for breaking updates on Dominion’s alleged election interference.

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