After President Trump announced his support for businesses opening soon…the Dow shot up like a cannon.

Putting people back to work in America sooner rather than later unleashed the Market.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average surged 11.3% and closed 2,100 points up on the day.

Stock Market Performance:

+11.36%  Dow Jones

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+9.39%  Russell 2000

+9.38%  S&P 500

+8.12%  Nasdaq

Source: Bloomberg

This is the largest single-day gain the Market has seen since 1933

President Trump announced Easter as a projected time for Americans to go back to work. The final touches are also being made on the coronavirus stimulus.

Another key point to mention is about the World Health Organization:  Dr. Birx confirmed today that the WHO was way off in their 3.4% mortality rate for coronavirus and it will likely drop under 1% H/T: The Gateway Pundit


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