A famous liberal lawyer who spoke out in defense of President Trump and Trump administration officials during the Russiagate scandal and who has defended Mike Lindell and January 6th protesters in court was vindicated this week after being accused of being one of Jeffrey Epstein’s clients.

Dershowitz has been the subject of criticism by liberal activists and members of the media after making the controversial decision to defend the January 6th protesters and Lindell.

Many of them seized on the sexual assault accusations against him to discredit him.

The person who accused him of being a client of Epstein’s Virginia Giuffre, was one of Epstein’s victims who was trafficked to various high-profile clients.

Dershowitz settled with her this week after she admitted that she may have “made a mistake” in accusing Dershowitz of sexually assaulting her.

Her admission came after Dershowitz sued her for defamation.


The New York Times Reports

Virginia Giuffre, a victim of Jeffrey E. Epstein who for years maintained that the law professor Alan Dershowitz had sexually assaulted her when she was a teenager, settled a defamation lawsuit against Mr. Dershowitz on Tuesday and said that she might have “made a mistake” in accusing him.

In a joint statement announcing the settlement, Ms. Giuffre said, “I have long believed that I was trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein to Alan Dershowitz. However, I was very young at the time, it was a very stressful and traumatic environment, and Mr. Dershowitz has from the beginning consistently denied these allegations.

“I now recognize I may have made a mistake in identifying Mr. Dershowitz,” her statement said.

The joint statement announced the end of litigation between Ms. Giuffre and Mr. Dershowitz — who had also sued her — as well as of two other lawsuits between Mr. Dershowitz and the lawyer David Boies that stemmed from Ms. Giuffre’s accusation.

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