Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, in conjunction with the Florida legislature, took another step towards indicating that he will run for President after the legislature passed a bill this Friday that would allow him to remain the Governor while he runs for President.

Previously, Floridians holding elected office at the statewide level would have to resign if they wanted to seek higher office.  The current elections package that made its way through the legislature

According to Bloomberg, DeSantis will likely announce his Presidential bid in early to mid June, where he is looking to announce in a swing state such as Ohio or Pennsylvania.

While DeSantis frequently polls second to former President Donald Trump, he is still considered a long shot for the nomination.

A FOX News poll released this week shows him trailing Trump by 32 points, and enthusiasm among the Republican donor class who originally supported him has already started to peter off.

No other Republican candidates who have announced have received double-digit polling numbers thus far.

The Daily Mail Reports

Ron DeSantis will not have to resign as Florida’s governor to run for president under a bill approved by the Republican-controlled state legislature on Friday.

The measure is part of much broader elections bill and inserts an exemption to Florida’s law requiring anyone seeking office to resign from one they already hold after qualifying as a candidate. Only an officeholder running for U.S. president or vice president would not have to resign.

The bill now goes to the Florida governor’s mansion for DeSantis’ signature.

Supporters say the bill is not specificially for DeSantis, who has not announced he’s running for the Republican presidential nomination – but is widely expected to.

Democrats in the state called it a cynical attempt to clear the way for DeSantis to run for president while remaining as governor. His gubernatorial term would end in January 2027.

‘We in this body are doing the governor´s bidding,’ said Democratic state Rep. Angela Nixon ‘He needs to resign to run if he wants to run for president, period. Last time I checked, being governor is a full-time job. Running for president takes a lot of work.’

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