Kathy Griffin is no stranger to controversy, especially when it comes to making threats about killing President Trump. Only 3 hours ago, Griffin once again, posted what many consider to be a death threat against the President of the United States.

Trump-hating, CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta, tweeted that he was attending a diabetes event at the White House. In his tweet, he shared an alleged quote from President Trump, saying, “Trump at diabetes event at WH: ‘I don’t use insulin. Should I be?'”

Of course, the reliably hateful Acosta gave no context for his tweet.

The former comedian Kathy Griffin responded to his tweet by re-tweeting it, adding: “Syringe with nothing but air inside it would do the trick. FUCK TRUMP.”

Of course, we all know that a syringe with “nothing but air inside it” would kill the President.

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Many on Twitter called on the US Secret Service to investigate yet another death threat against President Trump by the former comedian.

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Here are some of the responses Griffin received after her vile tweet. Almost every one of the calls for the US Secret Service to investigate:


It’s not the first time Griffin was visited by the Secret Service for a death threat against President Trump.

On June 2, 2017, the New York Post reported about how the former comedian, Kathy Griffin, who ruined her own career, when she posed with a bloodied, decapitated Donald Trump mask, got a visit from the US Secret Service.

Kathy Griffin’s career-ending photoshoot.

Last night, after reports about Griffin wanting to kill President Trump, were being circulated on Twitter, she confirmed that she indeed did want someone to stab Trump with a syringe filled with air. Griffin tweeted an article from the Washington Examiner that read: “@KathyGriffin advocates for someone to stab @realDonaldTrump with a syringe full of air.”

The former comedian, Kathy Griffin, replied: ‘I SURE DID, FUCKER.” Adding, “#TrumpLiedPeopleDied”

Hello, Secret Service?

Will the US Secret Service pay another visit to Griffin? This time, will she actually be charged for suggesting someone kill the President of the United States?

The last time Griffin used her “comedic talents” when she held up a bloodied, decapitated head of President Trump, she paid a steep price. Griffin’s comedy shows were canceled by the venues, and CNN fired her from her New Years’ Eve gig with Anderson Cooper.

The formerly employed comedian somehow believed, however, that she was a victim of Trump. In an interview with the Associated Press, Griffin blamed President Trump for making her “unemployable and uninsurable.” Griffin forgot “un-funny, unattractive, and unimportant.”

“I kept saying, ‘I think this is an important, historic story,’” Griffin said, explaining her decision to tape her side of the story. “The President and the Department of Justice shouldn’t make you unemployable and uninsurable.”

Here’s a 5-minute video the former comedian made after she was visited by the US Secret Service, complaining about how Donald Trump has ruined her career and her life. Donald Trump?

Should the Secret Service be paying Griffin a visit?

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