Arcan Cetin killed 5 people at a Burlington mall. The media immediately said he is “hispanic”…well…he’s not!

This is a screen grab from Facebook:

He’s a Turkish Muslim…Cetin is an immigrant from Turkey — not a citizen, but a legal permanent resident of the United States. Cetin was born in Turkey. His father met and married Cetin’s mother in Turkey and the family settled in Oak Harbor.

The police arrested the 20-year old in Oak Harbor, Washington after a 24 hour manhunt.
The motive in this shooting that killed 5 is said to be to “get back” at an old girlfriend who worked at the Macy’s where the shooting occurred. The problem with that is she quit working there about a year ago. The lying main stream media is pushing this narrative out there to keep us from thinking it’s Islamic terrorism. Bottom line is the guy is a terrorist. Keep digging and you’ll find the real story on this. A former classmate had this to say about Cetin:


He’s also a Hillary Clinton fan…ctkvilmwyaahmt7

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