As the 2024 election draws closer, challengers to incumbent Senators in swing seats are starting to announce their candidacies.

Democrats are seen as being on the defense as they have to protect seats in swing states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Minnesota, and West Virginia.

In what could be troubling news for Democrats, a formidable Republican challenger announced their candidacy to challenge incumbent Senator Joe Manchin (D-Wv.)

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice announced that he will run against Manchin in 2024, leaving Republicans an impressive bench as Representative Alex Mooney (R-Wv.) has already announced that he will against Manchin.

“Let’s continue making West Virginia great! I’m committed to fighting for energy jobs, tax cuts, and fiscal responsibility. Together, we can build a brighter future for our state and our nation.” He said on Twitter.

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Mooney came prepared with a statement attacking Justice almost immediately after his announcement, saying that the Governor has a ‘liberal record’ on issues such as taxes and gun control.

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Republican Governor Jim Justice of West Virginia reportedly filed paperwork on Thursday to run for Senate in the upcoming 2024 election against Democratic Senator Joe Manchin.

The two-term governor filed his statement of candidacy to run just hours before an expected announcement, per the Daily Caller.

However, Justice is expected to have a long road ahead, as he first has to run against Republican Representative Alex Mooney in the primary. The victor of the primary will have to take on Manchin, who has held a seat in the Senate since being elected in 2010.

“While we welcome Jim Justice’s decision to run for U.S. Senate in West Virginia against Alex Mooney, we’d also like to be the first to tell him what a terrible idea it is,” Mooney wrote on Twitter.

“[Jim Justice] has a liberal record and Republican primary voters will soon see that he is nothing but a Democrat in sheep’s clothing,” he added. “Supporting over $3 trillion in Biden spending, proposing massive tax hikes, and gun control are just a few examples of Justice’s extreme liberal postures. The DC establishment can call [Jim Justice] a frontrunner all they want.”

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