On Monday, Michigan’s overreaching governor, Gretchen Whitmer, revealed her plan for a 28-day extension of her emergency declaration, which currently expires on May 15th.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said her emergency powers do not require a vote of the Legislature. However, she is still asking for that body to approve a 28-day extension of her emergency declaration.

As of Tuesday night, there was no consensus, but the Republican leadership and the governor said talks are ongoing.

Today, it was announced that an additional 81,000 people filed initial claims for unemployment in Michigan last week, bringing the six-week total to more than 1.2 million amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Many frustrated Michigan workers who applied for unemployment benefits several weeks ago have not yet received a single check. Non-essential workers in Michigan have been out of work since the end of February. Many of them will not have a job when Democrat Governor Whitmer finally lifts the lockdown restrictions on Michigan citizens, as an untold number of businesses will not survive the extended shutdown.

Yesterday, a stunning video taken by Michigan United for Liberty member, Audra Johnson of a fellow activist, Wendy Darling being dragged from her seat by two male House sergeants wearing red jackets, from the public viewing gallery above the legislative chambers went viral. Below the physical scuffle in the public House chamber, Michigan Senate members were caucusing below.

Here is one view of the video showing protester Wendy Darling being dragged from the public gallery after she allegedly shared a copy of her press pass with the House sergeants. More videos are available at this link.

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This morning, hundreds of protesters showed up again, this time, on the steps of the Capitol.


Patriotic protesters join together to sing the National Anthem outside of the MI Capitol building, where legislators are inside mulling Whtimer’s 28-day extension.

A steady stream of vehicles are also outside driving around the Capitol to show their support for the protest against the lockdown:

Speakers appeared on the steps of the Capitol building, while protesters gather around.

It’s now being reported that Michigan residents have entered the Capitol building in Lansing, MI where they’re chanting, “Let us in!” to lawmakers who are inside discussing Governor Whitmer’s request for a 28-day extension of her emergency declaration.

Here’s a close-up shot of the protesters inside the Capitol building:

Here’s another shot of the protesters demanding that their lawmakers hear their voices and end the shutdown:

What do you think? Should these protesters have moved inside the Capitol building? Do they have just as much right to be inside the Capitol building as our lawmakers? Tell us what you think about the Michigan protesters in the comment section below.

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