President Trump just released a strong statement slamming the Biden administration’s limp response to the protests in Communist Cuba. He called out the “The Biden Administration’s refusal to forcefully condemn Communism and the Cuban Communist Regime…”

The statement below was released this afternoon following many protests against the brutal regime in Cuba:

The proud people of Cuba are desperate to be free from the iron boot heel of the Island’s wicked Communist Regime. These incredible warriors for freedom risk everything to take to the streets in their quest for freedom. I stand in total solidarity with the freedom fighters in Cuba and the brave Cuban Americans who have watched their families suffer in the motherland at the hands of this heartless and brutal regime.

The Biden Administration’s refusal to forcefully condemn Communism and the Cuban Communist Regime is a national travesty. The Biden Administration’s ludicrous suggestion that the Cubans are protesting government mismanagement—not brutal Communist oppression—is an insult to every Cuban patriot who has suffered, been imprisoned, or died in pursuit of freedom.

Today’s Democrat Party is so far left they can’t even take a stand against violent Communism. Many are Communists themselves!

As President, I advanced a strategic vision in which the people of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua would be free and that the Western Hemisphere would be the first fully free hemisphere in all of human history to stand for freedom and human rights in our home region. The Biden Administration is betraying the freedom-loving people of Cuba. I fought for Cuba; they didn’t

Our previous report on Cuban Americans and the Biden administration’s inability to condemn Cuba:

Cuban Americans are FED Up! Joe Biden and his administration keep dodging the “c” word by not denouncing Communist Cuba. Yesterday, during a White House Press Conference, Jen Psaki tiptoed around the topic of communism by refusing to denounce it:

Cuban Americans are sick of the silence and dodging coming from the White House. They spoke out during a protest:

More angry protesters:

Since Biden is beholden to the far-left wing of his party, he can’t denounce what AOC and others believe. The far-left Democrats are on board with communism and are trying to push the same policies on Americans. Bernie Sanders has also refused to denounce communism. They can dodge and dance all they want, but the American people see through the lies.

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