On Tuesday, Kari Lake was asked by a CBS News reporter about finishing a term as governor if elected in the midterm elections. First, he wondered if Donald Trump announced a bid for the presidency in 2024 if Lake would be willing to run with him as his Vice Presidential Candidate. Next, he asked if she would choose to run with Trump, noting that she is likely to be considered or if she would serve her full term as governor in Arizona. Lake shut down the reporter, citing that she had decisively answered the question previously.

She responded,

“Are you new covering this race? Because we’ve talked about this before…I’m not going to only be the governor for 4 years, 

I’m going to do two terms. I’m going to be your worst frickin’ nightmare for 8 years, and we will reform the media as well.

We are going to make you guys into journalists again. So, get ready. It’s going to be a fun 8 years.”

Lake also endorsed Donald Trump. When asked what her response would be if Trump announced another run for president in 2024, Lake said she would be “elated.”

“I would be so thrilled if President Trump runs. And I would absolutely wholeheartedly support him,” she said.
“We need President Trump back in office to fix what Joe Biden has screwed up,” she added.

There have been concerns in Arizona, and especially Maricopa county, with voting tabulators. Voters are reporting all kinds of widespread issues.

In precincts across the county, tabulators have either gone down entirely or are ”misreading” ballots.

Coincidentally, Maricopa County is one of the areas that Biden’sBiden’s Department of Justice is monitoring on election day.

Lake called on her opponent Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, to recuse herself as running the elections is an apparent conflict of interest.

In the face of multiple issues with voting machines, Lake was asked if Hobbs should have recused herself and if Lake would accept it if she doesn’t.

Lake responded, “I think she should have recused herself. She’s unethical, she’s incompetent, but we have been asking her to do that since July of last year. Apparently, she hasn’t done so; we are just going to see where things go.”

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