Breaking news reports are stating that Judge Brett Kavanaugh has calendars from 1982 that he will use to help deny the accusations against him made by Christine Blasey Ford. The Supreme Court nominee will give the calendars to the Senate Judiciary Committee for review.

The calendars, from 1982, show times that Kavanaugh was out of town, which is reportedly most of the summer. He was scheduled to be at the beach or with his parents, according to the New York Times, and later reported on the New York Post.

It’s stated that Kavanaugh lived in Maryland and during the summer of 1982, he was going to basketball games, movies, football workouts, college interviews, etc. It also mentioned parties and it stated the names of people who were at the parties. The names are people who were not listed by Ford.

It should be noted that Kavanaugh’s calendar will be turned in and used to help him deny the allegations, but his team suggests that it’s possible that he could’ve forgotten to list a party on the calendar.

However, “the team will use the calendar to argue to the senators on the Judiciary Committee that they do not provide corroboration for Ford’s account of a small party in a house where he pinned her to a bed, groped her and stopped her from screaming.”

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Kavanaugh and Ford are scheduled to testify in front of the committee on Thursday.

As of now, Ford has already received an extension and some people are worried that she won’t show up.

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Ford has listed several people who were supposed to be witnesses, but each of them has denied her accusations.

Ford was supposed to testify tomorrow, on Monday, but she and her lawyers said Monday was “not possible.”

Others are worried that Ford’s story is a character assassination plot that is being collaborated with big Democrats.

Many are raising concerns about the double standard being held by Democrats. One example is Keith Ellison who faces accusations that he abused his ex-girlfriend, Karen Monahan. She reportedly has a 911 call and documentation to prove her claims, but many Democrats are completely ignoring her and refusing to look into their own party member.

Another double standard is Senator Cory Booker who once groped a woman’s breast and even admitted to it, however, where is the outrage on that?

Keith Ellison and Cory Booker are two instances where there’s clearly more evidence or a confession, but little outrage. Meanwhile, Kavanaugh’s story has just about no evidence or witnesses, so why are more people harping on this allegation instead of the more serious ones?

A huge double standard mixed with a wicked character assassination seems to be what we have here.

How much longer will it be tolerated?

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