Things are heating up in Portland, OR, where for several months, Antifa has taken over the streets, threatening to harm anyone who dares to speak freely about their support for President Trump or in opposition to their far-left views. Portland Mayor Wheeler is being blamed for taking a hands-off approach to violent Antifa group.

Pete Santilli, who’s been covering Antifa violence for years, is live streaming coverage of duel protests between right-wing activists defending free speech and the violent, anti-free speech group, Antifa. During his broadcast, Santilli warns that the KKK plans to show up to the event. How long will it take the media to tie the Democrat founded KKK group to free speech protesters?

One of the free speech protesters in the video below can be heard addressing the crowd, telling them, “We are here to protect free speech.” You can hear the speaker reminding everyone that their purpose is to protest on behalf of free speech peacefully and to show Antifa that they don’t rule the streets of Portland. Only moments into his speech, one of the pro-free speech protesters is pulled into the crowd of Antifa thugs, surrounded and beaten.

“Tiny,” a former Democrat, who joined the “Proud Boys” after he realized the Democrats were against free speech and were slowly taking away the freedom of Americans, can be seen holding a rag up to his bloodied face after he was allegedly hit in the nose by an Antifa member.

The “Proud Boys,” is a group of men who came together with conservative activist Gavin McGinnis to defend innocent Americans fighting for free speech.

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Over and over again, in the video below, patriots and pro-free speech advocates, like Joey Gibson, of the “Patriot Prayer” group can be heard demanding that people who join them in their defense of free speech, abstain from violence and follow the law.


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The mayor of Portland, OR, who’s been sitting back while ANTIFA takes over the streets of his city has officially been put on notice by President Trump, who’s threatening to name the worldwide violent group ANTIFA, an “ORGANIZATION OF TERROR.”

Major consideration is being given to naming ANTIFA an “ORGANIZATION OF TERROR.” Portland is being watched very closely. Hopefully, the Mayor will be able to properly do his job!

Conservative Carmine Sabia reminds everyone that the Dayton shooter is a member of Antifa.

Jack Posobiec from OANN reminds everyone that Antifa was responsible for the recent mass shooting that took place at the Tacoma, WA ICE center.

What do you think? Should Antifa be labeled a domestic terror group? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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