Creepy porn lawyer, Michael Avenetti, has managed to locate a third Kavanaugh accuser, who claims she was drugged and raped at a high school party. Julie Swetnick, 55-year-old certified systems engineer has come forward accusing Judge Kavanaugh of participating in spiking drinks to make it easier to rape the party attendees.

Julie Swetnick claims she “attended well over ten house parties in the Washington DC area during 1981 to 1983 were Mark Judge, and Brett Kavanaugh was present. These parties were a common occurrence in the area and occurred nearly every weekend during the school year.”

This is where it gets good…Swetnick claims that she was aware that girls were being raped at these parties, yet, she attended them anyhow. We are not aware of a single charge that was filed against Kavanaugh or any other male at these regular weekend parties/orgies, that the accuser attended over and over again, in spite of her description of these parties. During the years 1981-82, I became aware of efforts by Mark Judge, Brett Kavanaugh and others to “spike” the “punch” at house parties I attended with drugs and/or alcohol to cause girls to lose their inhibitions and their ability to say “NO.”

Journalists have been searching everywhere for some shred of evidence about Julie Swetnick? Is she a Democrat activist, is she even credible? If she is credible, why would she be working with the creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenetti?

This phone call, into The Kuhner Report on iHeart Radio, could be critical in determining who Julie Swetnick really is…

Who is Julie Swetnick? Listen, as Swetnick’s former family friend and neighbor “Thomas”, who called into The Kuhner show, explains his family’s close relationship with parents, Marty and Elaine Swetinick. Thomas claims his sister was also in classes with Julie Swetnick in school. Thomas says his sister called him when the story broke and referred to her as a “delusional whack job!”. He said “growing up we always knew that “Julie not only had issues, but she had a full subscription of them”. He also claimed that her mother worried about her substance abuse.

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