Today, at least three people were shot and wounded in Washington D.C in an active shooter incident.  The shooting occurred on the 4100 block of Connecticut Avenue near Howard University Law School.

A ‘person of interest’ has been identified by police and was allegedly taken in to custody by police less than an hour ago.


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Yahoo News Reports

“Police and federal agents swarmed into a northwest Washington neighborhood on Friday after at least three people were shot in a flurry of gunfire. City officials warned people to stay inside because of an “active threat” as dozens of officers in tactical gear searched for the suspect.

The law enforcement officers responded to the scene near Connecticut Avenue and Van Ness St. in the Van Ness neighborhood of Washington shortly before 3:30 p.m. The incident is just down the road from Howard University Law School.

Police in tactical gear were seen escorting people out of an apartment building. Officers pointed their rifles upward toward other buildings and windows as the people moved quickly down the street with their hands raised above their heads.

Emerman said police were also aware of a video posted online that may be connected to the shooting, though he cautioned that investigators hadn’t yet authenticated the video. Police were questioning witnesses at the scene and were still trying to discern a motive for the shooting, he said.”


Videos have surfaced that were allegedly filmed by the shooter himself.  We cannot confirm the authenticity of the videos at this time.






Other videos show a large-scale police response to the shooting, with unmarked cars flooding the streets of Washington D.C




Another video shows panicked pedestrians being rushed to safety by police just moments after the incident occured.



This is a developing story.

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