My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell was attacked reveals only that he was attacked but doesn’t say by whom.

A former drug addict, Mike Lindell overcame his addiction to become a devout and outspoken Christian, a fearless patriot, and a wildly successful businessman.

In the past, he has dealt with drug dealers, thugs, and the worst humanity has to offer. The day he stepped publicly into conservative politics as a staunch Trump supporter, he incurred the wrath of the vile swamp-demon, Democrat henchmen of Antifa.

During his Cyber Symposium, Mr. Lindell sorrowfully tells the audience that he was attacked at his hotel, saying, “when I got to the hotel, I was attacked…we’re gonna talk about where we’re going today in light of this…” He doesn’t specifically mention Antifa. However, Steve Bannon claims also to have been assaulted outside his hotel last night, stating emphatically that Antifa were the attackers.

Mr. Lindell wouldn’t be facing threats if his information was bunk.

America needs to get behind this patriot. He has put his time, his treasure, and now his life on the line to save this nation. We owe him our gratitude and support and a commitment to fight alongside him. He has to know that he’s not alone.

This story is still developing.

In addition to being physically attacked, Mike Lindell has been attacked by the dishonest mainstream media and silenced by media outlets like Fox News, posing as sources for conservative news. Last week, Mike Lindell canceled his advertising with Fox News over their decision to refuse to run his ad promoting his cyber symposium. Mike told us he will lose millions due to his decision to stop advertising with a station that is preventing him from exercising his First Amendment right to free speech.

After he canceled his advertising with Fox News, Mike told us that he was most worried about the My Pillow workers at his call center. In typical Mike Lindell fashion, he’s always looking out for the little guy. He thinks of his employees as part of a large family and doesn’t want his fight for election integrity to affect their income.

If you would like to support Mike Lindell, who will certainly lose revenue by canceling Fox News, you can buy directly from him at or by calling 1-800-864-0634.

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