Milwaukee Circuit Court Judge Brett Blomme

We have previously reported on the drag queen story hours that have spread across many cities around the country.  They proudly promote hypersexualization of young children and encourage children to fondle mature men, are often convicted sexual predators, sometimes multiple times.

Snapshot of Judge Brett Blomme current LinkedIn Page, stating he is a Circuit Court Judge and the CEO and President of Cream City Foundation, an LGBTQ activist and community organizing group.
Image taken from Cream Foundation website for Drag Queen Story Hour, Milwaukee, which they organize

Now, Brett Bomme who is the former CEO and President of the Cream Foundation LGBTQ+ activist group that organizes Milwaukee’s “Drag Time Story Hour” has been arrested on 7 counts of child pornography, including uploading 27 videos uploaded 27 videos and images containing child pornography He is also a circuit court judge with 2 adopted children.  But, it gets worse…

WKOW 27 in Wisconsin also reported that, not only is Blomme a Circuit Court Judge, but he is also a Children’s Court Judge and may have been accessing pornographic content from a Milwaukee courthouse.

“Blomme was elected to the Milwaukee judiciary in April and began his work on the bench in August. Blomme was assigned to Children’s Court.

…Authorities say their investigation of the connection between the uploads and Blomme’s email accounts involved a friend’s Milwaukee home, one of Blomme’s homes that’s in Cottage Grove and the Milwaukee County courthouse building.

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“The evidence in this case is largely based on computer-generated records which have inherent credibility and present strong evidence,” says Assistant State Attorney General David Maas.

Court Commissioner Brian Asmus released Blomme from jail on a signature bond. Blomme’s bond conditions include no unsupervised contact with minors, although Blomme can have normal contact with his own two children.

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Asmus also barred Blomme from accessing social media or file-sharing applications.”

The NOQ Report provides additional information:

“[Brett Bomme]…was arrested and charged with seven counts of possession of child pornography on Tuesday, including uploads made at the courthouse. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Brett Blomme was arrested Tuesday on tentative charges of possession of child pornography, the state Department of Justice announced.

Blomme, 38, was taken into custody by special agents with the state Division of Criminal Investigation “following an investigation into multiple uploads of child pornography through a Kik messaging application account in October and November 2020,” according to a statement.

Criminal charges are expected to be filed against Blomme on Wednesday. He was arrested in Dane County.

A 44-page search warrant filed Friday by a DCI special agent said investigators found Blomme, using the name “dommasterbb,” uploaded 27 videos and images containing child pornography. Two of the files were uploaded at a Milwaukee County government building, the search warrant said.

The special agent sought permission to search Blomme’s courtroom, chambers, houses in Milwaukee and Dane counties and his 2017 Audi. Blomme is currently assigned to Milwaukee County Children’s Court.”

What is oddly omitted from the MJS report, and some of the other mainstream media reports, is any mention of his strong ties to the LGBTQ+ community organizing group, or Drag Time Story hour, or the fact that he and his husband have two children who may or may not be victims in this case.

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