On Friday night, a tornado ripped through Mississippi and Alabama, with winds hitting 80MPH.

The tornado left thousands without power, caused significant property destruction, and left at least 23 dead, according to initial reports.

While the worst of the tornado passed through Rolling Fork, roughly 30 million people were under a tornado warning throughout the night.

The Mississippi  Emergency Management agency met last night to determine how to distribute aid and respond to people affected by the tragedy.

The tornado reportedly left a trail of death and destruction spanning over 100 miles, and continued making its way through Alabama in to the early morning.

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A number of emergency shelters were set up for people who had to flee their homes during the tornado, where first responders and search and rescue teams are still looking for people who may be trapped under debris.

Another less severe tornado in North Texas also left people without power and damaged homes and power lines, though no deaths or injuries have been reported as of Saturday morning.

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The Daily Mail Reports

As dawn broke over Mississippi, a trail of destruction left by powerful tornadoes ripping through the state was laid bare, one town obliterated by the devastating storm.

At least 23 people were killed across several county’s in the region, four remain missing and dozens are injured, as emergency services start the long process of assessing the damage left behind by the 24 twisters.

Most of the impact spawned from a storm that carved a ferocious path northeastward across Mississippi and Alabama at 80mph, according to AccuWeather.

The rural towns of Silver City and Rolling Fork, about 60 miles northeast of Jackson, Mississippi, bore the brunt of damage from a tornado that hit the area just after 8 pm Friday.

Shattered residents were seen wandering through a wasteland of debris in Rolling Fork, as others picked through the rubble of their gutted homes hoping to save what valuables they had left.

Over 30 million people were under a tornado warning through the evening, and were being warned to brace for the killer storms which brought golf ball-sized hail.

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