Europe continues to descend in to authoritarianism as covid restrictions lead to heavy handed enforcement measures.   In Germany, police are using rulers to enforce social distancing measures and have intimidated and harassed citizens for not having vaccine passports on them.  Today, Prime Minister Mark Rutte in the Netherlands announced a sweeping nationwide lockdown just days before Christmas.  The Epoch Times Reports

“The Netherlands entered into a strict Christmas lockdown driving desperate Dutch shopkeepers to demand government reimbursements for sales lost, as Omicron keeps spreading in European nations.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte declared the shutdown in an announcement Saturday, ordering the closure of all services, including gyms, hairdressers, restaurants, and other public places. Only essential services are allowed to remain open. While the lockdown is expected to last till Jan. 24, the news came as a shock to many people as they rushed to get a last-minute haircut and stock up on holiday essentials.

“I stand here tonight in a somber mood. And a lot of people watching will feel that way too,” Rutte told a news conference. “To sum it up in one sentence, the Netherlands will go back into lockdown from tomorrow.”

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Business owners are dismayed at the announcement, which will shut down businesses at the most important time of the year for some major retailers.  “Nowhere in Europe is there such a strict regime as in the Netherlands,” said Jan Meerman, director of Dutch retailers association INretail.

While many in Europe have chosen to remain docile, some are resisting the authoritarian measures their governments have taken to contain Covid-19.

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This week in London, thousands protested against Britain’s vaccine mandate.  Protests reportedly turned violent as demonstrators clashed with police in the streets, forcing them to retreat.

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