A small college in upstate New York with approximately 3500 students is currently under lockdown. The college has tweeted that there is currently a “real, credible threat” and that “Everyone on campus is to remain sheltered in place.”

A college campus in upstate New York was placed on lockdown after it received a “real” and “credible” threat Monday, prompting a massive armed police response, school officials said.

Utica College administrators urged students and faculty to shelter in place as officers descended on the campus after a threat was phoned in shortly before noon.

“There are armed police officers on campus. Please follow all instructions,” the college tweeted. –NY Daily News

Utica College tweeted a warning to all students to get into a safe place and stay put until you are told the lockdown has been lifted:

The caller apparently phoned the college saying he was armed inside the Gordon Science Center. “Come get me,” the caller said, according to tweets from the college newspaper.

Here’s the tweet from The Tangerine, Utica College’s newspaper:

Students have been sending tweets from inside of the school:

This student showed what the kids are doing inside the classroom during the lockdown:

This student is complaining about not being able to use the restroom and being forced to have to “pee in a water bottle in front of my whole chem class” because the school is on lockdown:

This student appears to verify what the college is saying. There have been no shots heard, just a credible threat of a gunman on the campus, and that law enforcement is on the scene.

This story is developing. We will keep you updated.

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