Militant groups in Gaza have fired over 170 rockets into Israel, 134 of which made it into Israeli territory. However, Israel’s “Iron Dome” defense system intercepted and destroyed many of the rockets before they were able to strike their targets in Tel Aviv.

One video from Tel Aviv shows people sprinting off the beach to seek shelter as air-raid sirens blared overhead.

According to the Ministry of Defense of Israel, 54 rockets were destroyed by the Iron Dome system – for which the U.S. has provided over $1.6 billion in funding – and a large number fell into the desert, but several rockets did hit their targets in Tel Aviv.

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Arsen Ostrovsky, an international human rights lawyer and CEO, posted a video to Twitter of people in Tel Aviv getting out of their cars on the freeway and running for safety, despite there being no immediate shelter available.

“Iron Dome saved us,” wrote Ostrovsky.

The rockets fired from the Gaza Strip are in retaliation for the Israeli airstrikes on Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza that have killed 19 Palestinians so far.

A statement from Gaza’s Palestinian resistance groups was issued following the rocket fire, saying, “The resistance will remain in all fronts of the homeland as one unit, a sword and a shield for our people, our land and our holy sites.”

“The resistance is ready for all options, and if the occupation persists in its aggression and arrogance, black days await it.”

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