For months, Democrats and establishment Republicans have told Trump supporters and independents that they were traitors for questioning election irregularities and daring the challenge election results in the 2020 election.  Yet, Democrats and the media have had no problem challenging elections and voting machines results when it suited their purposes.

In the latest case of such hypocrisy, Democrats are looking to unseat Iowa Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks after she won her election in a close 400,000-vote race by 6 votes after a recount was completed.

Former top Bill Clinton aide, George Stephanopoulos interviewed Nancy Pelosi on ABC’s This Week, telling her this this:

“The GOP Congresswoman Marjorie Miller-Meeks won a razor close election by 6 votes. The votes were counted and certified by the state.  But the House Administration Committee began a process this week that could lead to unseating the congresswoman.  That has Republicans accusing you of hypocrisy.”

One such Republican is Jim Jorden, who tweeted this regarding Pelosi and this now-disputed election:

“Speaker Pelosi says she’s open to unseating Republican Congresswoman Miller-Meeks. Translation: You’re only allowed to object to an election if you’re a Democrat.”

Pelosi, in response, said “…The House has the authority to seat members, and therefor we can count the votes.”  Here is the interview, below

So, when it suits them, even after a recount, Democrats are willing to entertain and push hard for the unseating of an elected Republican.  But, when Republicans do the same, it results in barbed wire fences around the Whitehouse, censorship and demonization across the board of conservative voices, billion-dollar lawsuits, and thousands of troops occupying the Nation’s Capitol indefinitely after an inauguration.

Are you fed up with all this?

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