Yesterday morning, Windosr police tweeted that people taking part in the Ambassador Bridge demonstration are subject to arrest and ‘advised to clear the area immediately’.  Police appeared ready to arrest demonstrators, bringing buses to the bridge to escort them away and started closing in on them as the day progressed.  Today, it has been reported that police began arresting the protesters.  The Epoch Times Reports

“Police have started arresting protesters for attempting to cause a blockade at a major Ontario border crossing connecting Windsor to Detroit, as the Canada–U.S. crossing remains closed on Feb. 13.

Police said on Feb. 12 that a 27-year-old male was arrested “for a criminal offence in relation to the demonstration” at the Ambassador Bridge, which accounts for hundreds of millions dollars worth of trade between Canada and the United States each day.

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More arrests were made on Feb. 13.”

While police have taken aggressive actions against protesters, demonstrations in Canada have remained relatively peaceful.  Video footage from Friday shows protesters interacting with police peacefully at a Freedom Convoy event.

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There has been pushback against Freedom Convoy protests in Canada and across the world.  Governments have taken increasingly aggressive actions to disperse protests.  Yesterday, the French Government threw tear gas at protesters participating in a “Freedom” demonstration that took after Canada’s protests.  Police also chased protesters down the street with batons and riot shields.

While police have started arresting Freedom Convoy protesters, a counter protest happened in Ottawa yesterday with far left protesters holding signs with hateful messages

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