President Trump on Wednesday called for Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp to resign.

Republican Governor Brian Kemp refuses to get to the bottom of the brazen Democrat voter fraud that took place in his state to secure a win for Beijing Biden.

President Trump called for Kemp to resign while the Georgia Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Elections held a hearing on voting machine irregularities.

“Brian Kemp should resign from office. He is an obstructionist who refuses to admit we won Georgia, BIG! Also won the other swing states.” Trump said.

Despite the overwhelming voter fraud, Governor Kemp refuses to call a special session to overturn the election results.

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Instead, Brian Kemp has rushed to certify Georgia’s false election results in favor of China Joe. There are no coincidences in politics.

Governor Kemp was seen on video standing in front of a Chinese Communist flag begging for Chinese companies to invest in Georgia.

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“China is a top source for imports,” Kemp said. “We welcome thousands of Chinese visitors every year to The Peach State and we are constantly helping to develop new opportunities for Chinese companies.”

In the aftermath of the election, Trump repeatedly targeted both Kemp and Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, claiming that the two allowed fraud to occur. However, the Wednesday tweet from the president is the first time Trump publicly called on Kemp to vacant his post.

Kemp refused to criticize Trump on Tuesday night while responding to attacks levied by the president to Fox New’s host Shannon Bream. Instead, he reaffirmed his support for the president, thanking him for “everything” he has done for Georgia but added, “I have to follow the laws.”

“I’ve supported this president going into the reelect, worked as hard as any in the state and in the country to help him,” Kemp said. “I’ve supported the legal efforts they’re doing, but also at the end of the day, I have to follow the laws and the Constitution of this state, and that’s what I’ve been doing, and that’s what I continue to do.”

Georgia Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler face a tough runoff election on Jan. 5, which will decide the Republican Senate majority’s fate. Last month, both Perdue and Loeffler joined Trump in demanding Raffensperger resign.

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