President Trump just revealed during questions from reporters that he’s been taking the drug hydroxychloroquine and a zinc supplement as a coronavirus preventative. He said he’s been taking it for a few weeks. Our president practices what he preaches.

The controversy over the drug has been going on for weeks since President Trump recommended it during a White House press c0nference. The press went crazy because the president had recommended a drug that they felt to be questionable.

BREAKING: President Trump says he has been taking Hydroxychloroquine.

“You’d be surprised at how many people are taking it… I happen to be taking it.”

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Video of the entire press conference is below:

There will be a rush to buy zinc now and an outcry to make hydroxychloroquine an “over the counter” drug.

The media has been bashing the drug since President Trump mentioned it but Laura Ingraham did a great job of pushing back on the fake news about hydroxychloroquine:

Laura Ingraham called out the fake news pushing a new study released on hydroxychloroquine. It’s a drug used on COVID-19 patients. Several of the fake news propagandists were pushing the study, but it’s got holes as big as Swiss cheese debunking the anti-hydroxychloroquine agenda. (see below).

Ingraham says in the video below that the study is “shockingly irresponsible” and, as top virologists are saying, perhaps even agenda-driven.

Please watch the video below this one from Dr. Chris Martenson who destroys this agenda-driven study.

Digging deeper into the study that Ingraham mentions, Dr. Martenson exposes the fact that the VA study is a “garbage study” and is being used to push a political narrative.

Dr. Martenson gives example after example of why this study is not to be trusted.

Is the anti-Trump agenda trying to discount the use of a drug that could help people in the early stages of the coronavirus?

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