On the heels of the arrest of a CNN producer for attempting to sexually abuse underage girls, Project Veritas has exposed yet another CNN employee who was openly fantasizing about sex acts with his 14 year old step daughter, as well as other underage girls.  Project Veritas Reports

“In one text exchange, the producer tells the source how his fiancé’s daughter “was wearing very closely cut bottoms at the pool,” before using graphic language to describe how he could see the outline of her private parts.

Other texts were too graphic and sickening to directly quote. The messages and videos were obtained by a woman who engaged in a sexual relationship with the producer in question for a decade.

Project Veritas’ first course of action was to reach out to authorities. Following that, we reached out to the mother of the children to ensure their safety. Project Veritas then reached out to his employer, CNN, to inform them of the situation and give them the opportunity to comment. As of this press release, we are still awaiting a response.”


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The report comes just days after another CNN employee, CNN producer John Griffin, was arrested for soliciting a 9 year old girl to perform sex acts on him.  The Gateway Pundit Reports

“John Griffin, a CNN producer, was arrested on federal charges for allegedly abusing underage girls and enticing their mothers to help him do it, according to the DOJ.

The DOJ alleges that, in one case, Griffin paid a mother $3000 to fly her and her 9-year-old daughter to see him.

Griffin then directed the daughter to engage in sexual activity with him.

Another allegation against Griffin states that Griffin requested a mother and her 16-year-old daughter take a mother-daughter trip to his ski house for sexual training.”

The CNN employee was allegedly the producer for CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who was just fired for defending his brother Andrew Cuomo in a high profile sexual harassment case.



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