A British Pharma Exec and his Covert Campaign Against President Trump

Andrew Whitney—A British national and biopharmaceutical Executive—reportedly inserted himself into President Trump’s circle in 2020. Since then, he has reportedly accomplished a great deal of disruption, consistently and intentionally damaging the President’s reputation and, worst of all, disrupting the investigation into the election steal in 2020.

British National in question, Andrew Whitney

The obscure Whitney (hard to even find a picture of him,) whose shady ties to RINOS and intelligence in the US appears to include dark money trails, has made every possible effort to discredit claims of election fraud after the 2020 election.

Exclusively from The Gateway Pundit- Even more suspicious than the dark money trail that funded Whitney’s activity is that he, as the CEO of Propter Strategies, was paying Col. Phil Waldron to provide “network and social media analysis” for his political projects during this period of time. This is the same Col. Phil Waldron who claimed to have captured data going overseas after the election.

At the same time that Whitney was funding Col. Waldron, he was also exercising spy tradecraft and providing highly secure and secret proprietary cell phones to other political operatives in all the key swing states. The communications between these operatives show a coordinated effort to inject bogus claims and false narratives into the election fraud investigation in order to discredit all future election investigations. It is also clear from the intercepts that some of the actors in this network are actively coordinating their efforts with the Feds.

While there is no definitive proof that Whitney has acted to derail the election audits, the dark money and the connections to RINOs and intelligence officers do supply a great deal of evidence that he was not truly on Trump’s side and may even be a Democrat asset. Keep in mind also that, much like Steele, Whitney is a figure shrouded in incredibility so far as finding information about him and his background is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Remember when the Democrats spent five years spying on the president and threatening impeachment over alleged Russian “collusion” (which isn’t even an actual crime) using the bogus Steele-Dossier?  They turned up empty-handed even with all of their fabrications.

However, the inherent hypocrisy of the Democratic party shines brightest when looking at how eager they are to accept one foreign national (British) as a gift horse despite witch-hunting for so long over “Russiagate” nonsense.

Sometimes it feels like it’s patriots against the whole world.

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