Reporters were told to clear the room after Nancy Pelosi tested positive for COVID, despite being fully vaxxed, and she shook hands with Biden yesterday

Nancy Pelosi has tested positive for COVID Thursday, despite being fully vaxxinated and fully boosted, although earlier in the week she tested negative. Yesterday she shook hands with Joe Biden, who has now been exposed to the virus as well.

An infected Nancy Pelosi shaking hands with Joe Biden

She exposed Biden to the vaccine yesterday when shaking his hand during the signing of the Postal Reform Bill.

Reporters were told to clear the room during a press conference today due to her testing positive as well.

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This infection of COVID-19 is being downplayed by liberal pundits, who rather than focusing on the fact that the vaccines do not prevent the virus, are singing the praise of the jab for protecting dear leader Pelosi.

However, despite their efforts, this sends a clear signal to people that vaccines do not protect you from contagion. Additionally, that she tested negatively just a few days ago should shed some doubt on the effectiveness of the tests as well.

What exactly are the vaccines and boosters supposed to accomplish? They do not protect you from exposure, and they cause some complications in many people who have received them. In fact, reports in the UK shatter the theory that they make it less fatal as well. Yet Democrats keep pushing harder and harder for them.

In any case, with Nancy positive and Biden exposed, at least Kamala’s odds are looking up.

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